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Is my account information safe?

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2017 09:51AM CDT
Our team takes your privacy and security seriously, and we have taken several measures to make sure our site is secure. However, please do not ever use any service (including SaveUp) if you feel unsafe or concerned about security. You can use SaveUp, earn credits, and play for prizes without linking a financial account. You can watch financial education videos and fill out profile questions, as well (please see What are additional ways to earn credits?). We welcome you to use SaveUp without linking an account if you prefer not to.

If you choose to register an account to earn credits when you save money or pay down debt, here is some information regarding SaveUp’s security:
  • Trusted certification: SaveUp is monitored and verified by McAfee and VeriSign, both of whom make sure our security practices are up to the highest industry standards.
  • Bank-level protection: All connections to SaveUp use 256-bit SSL encryption, the same level of security used by financial institutions and the Department of Defense.
  • Your financial account credentials are not stored: SaveUp does not store your financial account information, such as account numbers, login information, or ID numbers. We ask for this information when you add and refresh a financial account to verify the account is yours. Please note that while SaveUp does not store bank credentials or account numbers, we store deposit and payment transaction data so we can track user credits and prevent cheating. We also analyze spending and saving patterns so we can suggest financial actions to help improve user behavior and financial well-being.
  • Your information is not for sale: We do not provide personally identifiable information (PII) to any of our sponsors. Thus, we will never sell user information or data to third parties, or allow marketers to spam SaveUp users.
  • Money cannot be transferred: We establish a read-only connection, so although you can see your account activity on SaveUp, you won't be able to move money into or out of any accounts within the service.

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